Roaring Out

New Jersey poet and artist Michelle Greco talks about all elements of visual art and the written word, with occasional guests. She may even read her own works in progress from time to time. There will be humor and resources and takeaways (Michelle is a teacher, so she loves sharing info in exciting ways). There will be cursing and deep thoughts (Michelle is an artist, so in keeping with the stereotype, she has to be somewhat troubled, right?). There will also be fun and possibly cake (Michelle likes people, so she wants ya'll to stick around. Plus, who wants to be around a bore?).

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    Episode 22: A Sassy Morning Poem

    In this episode, Michelle discusses some changes to the blog and shares one of her favorite poems: "What Do Women Want?" by Kim Addonizio.

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    Episode 19: Some Notes on Failure

    In this episode, Michelle lets you in behind the curtain by discussing some of her own failures in crafting and blogging as well as and the lessons she took away from these experiences.

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